Zooma's site is now available in Vietnamese

Zooma's site is now available in Vietnamese

New languages are coming thick and fast on zooma.agency - this week, we're happy to finally launch our site in Vietnamese.

Why Vietnamese? Like we've mentioned before, we want to have a basic version of our site available in all the languages that are spoken at Zooma. We recently launched Serbian and Dutch for the same reason, and since our project manager Uyen Vu comes from Vietnam, Vietnamese was next on the list.

To take a look, head over to zooma.agency/vi and start finding out how we work and how you can start collaborating with us.

Here are some hastily-Googled facts about Vietnam:

  • Like Sweden, it's a very long and thin country - in fact, both countries are around 1,600km in length from north to south.
  • Despite this, Vietnam's population - 97 million - is almost 10 times larger than Sweden's.
  • When you think about major coffee producers, you probably think about countries in South America, or maybe Africa. Vietnam probably wouldn't enter your head, but it should - in fact, it's the world's second-biggest exporter of coffee, after Brazil.

If you have a second, take some time to browse the Vietnamese site. More languages are on the way, of course!

Doug Bolton
Doug has been a Content Producer at Zooma since 2021. Originally English, he now lives in Sweden.
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