Zooma's charitable donations for 2020 announced

Zooma's charitable donations for 2020 announced

Zooma is very happy to announce that the company donated a sum equal to 3% of its profitability to charity donations during 2020.

Zooma has always been committed to supporting good causes and today has partnerships with a range of charitable organisations such as Plan International, Göteborgs Kyrkliga Stadsmission, BRIS and Faktum.

Over the course of 2020, the total sum donated to these organisations came to 3% of the company's total profitability. On top of financial help, Zooma also provided practical assistance and advice to various charities and non-profit organisations.

Commenting on the news, Zooma's CEO Anders Björklund said: "I'm very pleased to announce that we've donated such a large amount this year. The organisations we donate to do an excellent job, so it's a natural and important choice for us at Zooma to support them as much as we can."

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