About Zooma

Zooma means 'to zoom' in Swedish. It's also the name of the onlinification and digitalisation agency.


All B2B companies know that they need to adapt to changed behaviours and expectations.

For these companies to reach their desired future state using online and digital, they need a partner. A partner who is part adviser, part creative, and part content and technology expert, who can modernise them across marketing, sales, commerce and service.

Zooma is that partner.

The purpose

To guide companies to achieve tangible business results by using online and digital as a core part of their business.

Target groups

Decision makers in companies that are in need of change and guidance.


To enlighten, guide and implement relevance and effortless simplicity with online and digital.


The partner for achieving tangible business results through online and digital.


Our vision for the future is this:

To become redundant.


Everything we do is steered by our core values and principles.

Positioning statement

"Treat them exactly as you want to be treated."

Core values

Proactiveness, dedication and knowledge.

Guiding principles

Challenge, maximise and apply.

Business objectives

External NPS: >+75

Internal NPS: >+75



Zooma was founded at the turn of the millennium and grew out of the understanding that online and digital would profoundly change the way people behaved, and that companies needed to change their way of thinking and working to survive.
April 10, 2001 - Registered as a company.
2002 - First two global customers.
2004 - Created the first customer online strategy.
2005 - Episerver partnership started.
2005 - 2009 - Handled Ericsson Racing team online.
2006 - 5-year birthday party with Olle Ljungström on stage.
2006 - London office opened (closed 2010).
2008 - Started supporting Stadsmissionen.
2012 - HubSpot partnership started.
2017 - Moved to the current office.
2020 - Began working remotely.

2021 - Changed legal name to Zooma Agency AB.


Zooma is a privately-owned company. The main owner is Arena Invest AB, together with Anders Bjorklund.