The choices we make today define the world we live in tomorrow. We try to consider how we can actively reduce our climate impact, use the world’s resources more efficiently, and conduct our business more responsibly.

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Our sustainability framework



Zooma's operation runs entirely online, and we always strive to keep the climate in mind. We continuously try to find ways to make our operations more sustainable and to inspire others to follow.
Our travel policy is to travel by train wherever possible. If we must fly, we climate compensate.
Only electric cars are allowed as rental cars, and no one in Zooma has a company car.
In our physical office, we have electric scooters that Zoomers can use to travel around the city.


The planet's resources are finite. Our ambition is to lead by example in everything that we do.
At Zooma, we've never been fans of bottled water, and in 2017, we actively chose to avoid bottled water. We are also tap water certified.
When ordering food to the office, for example, for events and workshops, we only order meat-free food. We're also a yearly supporter of Naturskyddsföreningen, the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.

Who leads sustainability efforts at Zooma?

Everyone in Zooma is directly responsible for doing as much as they can to reduce their environmental footprint, privately and at work.
That's why anyone can suggest changes and additional ideas related to sustainability, and decisions are swiftly taken and implemented.