Avoiding bottled water

Avoiding bottled water

At Zooma we’ve never been fans of bottled water and hence haven’t consumed a lot of it in internal or external workshops and other meetings. However, from now on we’re taking it a step further by making an active choice to consciously avoid bottled water. Read further to find out why we prefer tap water instead.

For Zooma, there are three main reasons for choosing tap water over bottled water.

At least 300 times better for the environment

With tap water, transportation and production of water bottles that cause unnecessary carbon dioxide emissions and waste are avoided. Because of this, a liter of tap water is 300 times better for the environment compared to the same amount of bottled water. 

At least 250 times cheaper

A liter of tap water costs 250 times less than the same amount of bottled water, even using the cheapest liter price for bottled water bought in a regular grocery store.

Effortless simplicity for us

Tap water is locally produced and delivered directly to our taps. 

If you are a Swedish company, follow our initiative and get certified.


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