For when you're in a hurry

If you don't have time right now to embark on a big new project, we get it. That's why these services aim to make a big impact on your online presence as quickly as possible.

Two quick fixes

In our experience, you can achieve a lot in just a few days - especially if you're looking for some external input or a quick refresh. These two services do the job.


A second opinion on anything

When you want a sanity check, irrespective of subject.

Two different experts from Zooma, with relevant competencies, will examine your issue and create a feedback document.

Half day, SEK 19 000

Full day, SEK 29 000

Two days, SEK 49 000


Modernise my .com

When it's urgent to refresh or update your .com, we send in our team to work their magic with your existing .com and content. One week from start to finish.
  • Zooma works for two days and suggests changes in code.
  • Review and adjustments.
  • Final approval and implementation in HTML/CSS.
SEK 150 000

Let's get started

If you're interested in one of these one-off solutions and you don't want to wait, you can buy them directly above and we'll get in touch.

But if you want to talk things over a little bit first, you can book a meeting with Anders at a time that suits you to discuss the scope of the mini-project.