Modernise your sales and CRM

Get all your interactions on one contact card and start boosting your business.

Traditional CRM approaches don't work for converting prospects and satisfying customers in 2023. Our solution does.

All interactions on one contact card

With our sales and CRM solution, you will gather all interactions with your contacts on individual contact cards, giving you a complete view.

The sales/CRM solution

Our process for modernising your sales and CRM solution is split up into three stages.


Sales pilot

  • Specify, prepare and configure.
  • Decide individuals to be test pilots.
  • The test pilots must take two certifications pre the pilot.
  • Integration of Outlook and decided sales enablement tools.
  • Guidance of test pilots on bi-daily basis.
  • Evaluation and startup of the 'Get going' stage.

Get going

Over another 30 days, we will:

  • Define data and migrate data based on recommendation.
  • Define process and pipeline.
  • Decide users.
  • See to that the users take two certifications.
  • Integrate Outlook and decided sales enablement tools for new users.
  • Name products and principles.
  • Start daily data nurturing.

Sales acceleration (on request)

After the first two stages are complete, we can expand with:

  • Integration ERP and CRM.
  • IP-telephony.
  • Live chat.
  • New sales content.
  • Integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • Integration with website forms.
  • Sales automation (Playbooks and Sequences).
  • ABM.

Request access to the webinar

In this on-demand webinar, we tell a story about what we have learned by practising what we preach.​

The majority of B2B companies struggle with:

  • Aligning marketing and sales.
  • Providing access to good business intelligence for sales representatives.
  • Measuring commercial success from a management perspective.

We had these problems too, and by adopting a new strategy, we resolved them - and came up with a framework that you can implement in your own company. Watch the webinar to find out how.

Why collect your data on contact cards?

Since we started working with HubSpot CRM, we've seen the difference it makes to have all the data we have on our contacts collected on individual contact cards. Listen to this episode of The Onlinification Pod to find out our view on why, when and how you should implement this way of working.


The expected outcome

If we start this collaboration, we expect the outcome to be:

  • All your customer and prospect data collected on individual contact cards.
  • Increased satisfaction for sales, marketing, business development and management.
  • Increased transparency across the company.
  • Easier handovers for new and temporary employees.
  • Increased relevance for your contacts.
  • Greater potential for sales automation.

Book a meeting with CEO Anders Björklund to discuss how to start your 30-day pilot.