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An A-Z of terms and expressions that are common in the world of online and digital. Updated constantly!

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Plug in your airpods and learn from our podcast while commuting or cooking.

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How we transformed our sales process

sales-crm-webinar-image-2In this webinar, CEO Anders Björklund tells a story about what we have learned by practising what we preach. Through investing in CRM, we transformed the way we sell - and we've figured out how your company can do the same. 

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Podcasting as your B2B content engine

Podcasting as your B2B content engine (2)

In this webinar, content creator and Onlinification Pod host Alexander Evjenth explores why podcasts could be the perfect content format for B2B companies looking to boost the quantity and quality of their entire content operation.

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If you're trying to reduce your screen time, you can still get Zooma's knowledge in a printed format. We collected our favourite articles from 10 years of The Onlinification Hub and collected it in a beautiful, sustainable coffee table book. If you're curious, order a copy — all profits go to Göteborgs Stadsmission.