Driving business through your website

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Stand out from the competition with a website that's easy for visitors to navigate and your team to use.

Build the foundation of your online presence

Your website is the core of your online presence. As your digital storefront, it will generate sales-qualified leads and grow your business.

Our approach to business-ready websites:


A successful website project rests on a solid foundation. Before starting, we'll specify your strategy, your company's unique personas, and analyse and recommend the best path forward.

Content creation

The backbone of your new website is its content — whether it's text, images, videos or graphics. Our team of content specialists will produce the content you need, targeted at the specified personas.

Design and experience

Your website is your company's face to the world, so the design and user experience needs to mirror your brand image. The decided concept will ensure a consistent design.

Development and implementation

Quality development is essential for problem-free performance after launch. Your website will be built to a high technical specification, and we will assist with further development once the new site is up and running.


We're active in all B2B industries

We've worked with a large number of international companies in all areas of B2B business — from healthcare and telecoms to security and energy. Whatever your industry, we'll be able to help. 

Before and after you launch

Pre- and post-launch are critical phases in the implementation of your new online presence. We can help you on the way and make the project a success.


In the run-up to the launch of your new website, we'll complete these steps in collaboration with your company:

  • Create all needed content
  • Specify the design principles and user experience
  • Develop a strategy and personas
  • Decide the specification of your required HubSpot solution
  • Testing and quality assurance


After launch, there are always improvements and changes that can be made. Once your new site is up and running, we'll work together on:

  • Additional content creation
  • Design and experience tweaks
  • Ongoing development support
  • Translation and localisation, if required
  • Analytics reviews and A/B testing for continuous optimisation

A roadmap to success

A new .com is the beginning of a new journey, and not the final step. To make the most of your investment, you need to plan for your next steps and what you need to do over time to continue optimising your new online presence.

We'll help you to develop a clear, specific roadmap that charts out what you need to do in the coming months and years. It will assist in keeping you organised, focused and accountable for the continued improvement of your site.

Additional services

Aside from your main homepage, you may want additional sites and services that can improve your visitors' and customers' experience. We've created solutions like these both for customers and for ourselves - and we can use our experience to help you too.

Corporate sites

If you need a separate site for corporate and shareholder-specific news and information, we've got you covered. Take a look at Zooma's own corporate site or listen to our pod about it to see what we can provide.

Customer portals

Providing your existing customers with exclusive content and specific information on your collaboration is a great way to increase their satisfaction.


We believe that every company is capable of selling their full offering online. That's the goal we're working towards,at least. If you need help to get started, we have the expertise you need in Shopify, Optimizely and other leading ecommerce platforms.

Start building your new online presence

Zooma can help you build a sales-ready website that will drive business.

The expected result of our collaboration is:

  • A significant increase in quote requests and demo/meeting requests
  • An increased internal pride and satisfaction with the online presence.

Book a meeting with CEO Anders Björklund to start building the foundation of your new online presence.