Are you looking for a title or an experience?

For us, there's a huge difference between these two. We are only interested in people who are prestigeless, proactive, and dedicated - and who are convinced that only a fraction of the digital transformation has already occurred.

What is Zooma?

To get a sense of what it is like to be a Zoomer, we describe ourselves below. Hopefully, it gives you a good gut feeling.

The name

The idea of starting Zooma was conceived at the turn of the millennium and grew out of the realisation that online and digital would profoundly change the way people behaved and how fundamental business processes worked – as information, communication, interactions, and transactions increasingly occurred online.

Hence, Zooma was created to be the onlinification and digitalisation agency. And we still are.

This requires dedication, focus, and to zoom in on what is important. That’s what the name “Zooma” means in Swedish – to zoom in on what is important.


The people

Zooma is an equal opportunity employer, and we are proud to have a 50/50 gender split.

We are 28 Zoomers; advisers, strategists, HubSpot and Optimizely specialists, inbound specialists, content creators, front-end developers, back-end developers, integration specialists, project managers, designers, and UX specialists.

A network of 50 subcontractors supports us, and most of them have had a partnership with Zooma for many years.


Becoming a Zoomer

We presume that you realise that people's changing behaviours and expectations create ever-changing demands on companies.

You must be convinced that online and digital is used to enable effortless simplicity, and to increase relevance for potential and existing customers.

You are definitely convinced that only a fraction of the online and digital evolution has taken place, and want to be part of moving companies forward.

Below you can find the open positions where we look for the right experience careerists – not the title careerists...


Work isn't where you are, it's what you do

Zoomers get the freedom to work where they work best, wherever that may be.

Some work better in the office. Some at home. Some work better elsewhere. We all find we’re most creative and productive when we have options. It helps us to communicate and collaborate better, internally and externally.

It means we can work with the very best people for the job, regardless of what city or country they refer to as home. It helps us become a more diverse workplace, which can flex with the Zoomers as their lives, priorities, and ambitions change.


We don't have any open positions at the moment, but we're always open to hearing from talented people. If you want to work here, send your CV and personal presentation as an open application here.

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Become an intern

Regardless of whether you're interested in content, automation, sales, design or development, an internship at Zooma can expand your knowledge and give you some experience in the world of online and digital.

Send in your application here, or get updates from our current interns with the articles on The Internship Hub.

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How it is to work at Zooma

Real voices from real Zoomers.

Anna Jodlovsky, art director

"You're working with great dedicated people, who will challenge you to grow and keep learning new things. Together we’re constantly evolving how we work and approach tasks, and there’s an open culture where new ideas are always welcome."

Alexander Evjenth, content creator

"There are very few days when everything is going on as usual. But don’t worry, most days are filled with new challenges. At the end of the day, it’s solving those challenges that’ll make you truly satisfied."

Charlotte Björsjö, project manager

"It's fun and challenging to be a Zoomer. You experience great collaboration with customers and colleagues, and the possibility to evolve in the direction you want, high transparency and a lot of laughter."