Our packages

These packages provide off-the-shelf solutions to common problems and requests we've helped other customers with in the past. Each package has a clear scope, time frame and price, and you can buy many of them right here on the site.

Our off-the-shelf packages

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Analytics and CRM

Having full control over your data and easy access to your key metrics is essential for drawing the right conclusions and setting the correct priorities in your online communication. These packages focus on making your analytics and contact data more visible, accurate and trending in the right direction.

Google Analytics 4 implementation

If you're not using Google Analytics 4 yet, you'll need to switch by July 2023. We'll take care of the full migration and get you prepared.

HubSpot database cleanup

Let us clear out the rubbish from your CRM and create a single source of truth that you can rely on.

HubSpot KPI dashboards

Get your team on the same page with a set of shared dashboards focused on your most essential figures.

Minimise SEO alerts

Take care of the lingering SEO issues that HubSpot has flagged up over time and get a website that is easy to find online.


These outward-facing elements of your online presence or communications must grab attention and show your audience why your company is the ideal partner. We achieve this through careful design and strong copy, combined with a digital execution that sticks out.


Whether you're in need of video, audio or even print content, these one-off packages focus on giving you the assets you need to attract new customers and keep existing ones satisfied.

Coffee table book

A physical, printed book is a great way to mark a significant company event or major product launch. We recently produced our own book for the first time, so now we can do the same for you.

Definition page

Every company and industry has its own expressions, terms and acronyms that can be hard to grasp for outsiders. Increase transparency by gathering them all on a single page.


Make a personal connection with your audience and showcase your knowledge - even when they're driving to work or cooking dinner.


Give your readers, subscribers and customers options for how they consume your knowledge content. With automatic text-to-voice tools, we'll create audio versions of your existing or upcoming content.

Customer cases

Prospective customers might be attracted by your offering and knowledge, but you can help them take the next step with inspirational stories from existing customers. Let us know the customers you want to feature and we'll produce case studies that focus on their challenges, your solutions, and the final results.

Localisation and translation

Expanding into new markets is a challenge, and your site needs to perform just as well abroad as in your home country. Together with our translation partners, we'll take over the work of localisation and provide a site that is optimized for search and the requirements of your new market.

Social media

Having a consistent presence on social media is just as important as a good position on Google, even for B2B companies. These packages focus on improving your social media presence and showing a new side of your company.

LinkedIn newsletter

Newsletters are making a comeback, and with LinkedIn newsletters you can get started without first having to build a subscriber list. We'll create your first newsletters and start growing an audience.

LinkedIn redesign

Many prospective customers will get their first impression on your company on LinkedIn - so make sure your profile creates a positive one. We'll redesign your existing profile and prepare it for future growth.