Create your customer portal​

Collect your most valuable resources ​in a password-protected customer portal, and give your customers the tools they need to manage their relationship with your company.

Why create a customer portal?

Not all of your company's most important resources can be shared openly with customers online. Contact information to your staff, details about ongoing customer projects and budgets and vital documents like contracts can't be hosted on your main site. 

But with a customer portal, accessible to chosen customers and protected by a password, you can give them the access and information they need while also providing a seamless service platform.

The customer portal package


  • A password-protected customer portal built in HubSpot, with customer-exclusive content and information and a direct support channel.
  • A short training in how to maintain your customer portal over time and give access to new customers.

Way of working

  • You specify the content that should be available on your customer portal, with guidance from us.
  • We take care of the HubSpot setup, with regular review sessions with you along the way.



  • Around five to six weeks from startup to launch, depending on the complexity of your desired portal.

Get a quote

If you're ready to take the first steps with your customer portal, give us some information about what you want to achieve and we'll create a quote to provide a foundation for future discussions.


What should be in your customer portal?

Every company is different, and so are the needs of their customers. But if you're looking for inspiration, here's what customer can find in Zooma's customer portal:

  • Direct contact information for all Zoomers, including email addresses and phone numbers.
  • A knowledge base, with short how-to articles on solving common issues in HubSpot.
  • An Academy, with recordings of past customer-exclusive webinars.
  • A support centre, where customers can create new support tickets and follow progress on existing ones.

Get in touch

If you'd like more information before requesting a quote, or if you want to see how our customer portal works, book a meeting with CEO Anders Björklund at a time that suits you.