Sometimes, all your team needs are some inspiration to get energised for the next project. Our keynotes and inspiration sessions are based on what other companies like yours do and how they do it.

What we offer

All these sessions can be delivered at a specific digital event or as a video presentation, and you're welcome to record them for non-public distribution and future internal use.

They are also updated every quarter to remain current and up-to-date with the constantly evolving digital ecosystem.

About People and Companies

Keynote speaker: Anders Björklund

The current and future state of online and digital for people and companies.

It covers people's expectations and habits and what this means for companies. It also includes practical examples.

SEK 75 000

Online and Digital Outlook

Keynote speaker: Anders Björklund

What’s buzzing, and what should you prioritise? Including the Zooma Hype-cycle.

The Zooma Online and digital outlook is updated quarterly to remain current and relevant for your business.

SEK 50 000

About Inbound

Keynote speaker: Stellan Björnesjö

The inbound methodology. What it is, why it matters, and how you implement it in your organisation.

SEK 50 000

Digital Transformation

Keynote speaker: Anders Björklund

This is how and what you need to prioritise to reach your desired future state with digital readiness, digitisation, digitalisation and digital transformation – with the necessary speed.

SEK 100 000

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A version of one of these keynotes - the Online and Digital Outlook from former Zooma analyst Martin Ray - is also available as an on-demand webinar in our Learn section.

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