How is your website feeling? Find out here

Your website is the face of your business - without a solid online presence, you'll struggle to build trust and credibility among your potential customers. Use our website grader to check how you're doing and take the first step towards improving it.

What does the website grader do?

The website grader analyses your site for these four key elements, gives you a total grade out of 100,  and provides you with tips on how to improve them.


If you want to provide a good user experience, you site must be fast and responsive. The grader looks at factors like your page size and speed to measure you on this important metric.


It must be easy to find your website through search engines if you want to grow your business. The website grader checks how optimised your site is and suggests improvements.


It's likely around 30-40% of your website visitors come from mobile, and good mobile performance is essential for a high ranking in Google. So it's vital that your site is just as usable on mobile as it is on desktop.


People and search engines love secure websites that are SSL certified and free from vulnerabilities. Your visitors won't stay on your site if they don't feel safe - so high security is non-negotiable. 

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