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Are you looking to modernise your business practices and enhance your digital skills? Zooma's LinkedIn training and coaching services can help you do just that.

Boost your credibility and business success with our LinkedIn training program

Our training is designed to help business professionals position themselves as credible advisers and experts, while increasing their knowledge and skills on the world's largest professional networking platform. With objectives tailored to your specific industry, our program aims to increase your LinkedIn SSI (Social Selling Index) to 60-85, and e.g., book more meetings, demos, and trials, and increasing downloads, sign-ups, and subscriptions.

The LinkedIn coaching and training package


  • The deliverables include documentation, analysis, training, and coaching to ensure that you and your team are equipped with the necessary tools to succeed on LinkedIn. 

Way of working

  • The approach includes a group of 10-15 individuals, meeting twice a week over a nine-week period, with everything recorded for your convenience.
  • All participants will receive tasks before each section, allowing for practical application of the knowledge and skills learned during the program.

Estimated price and time

  • Price: The program is estimated to cost from 120,000 SEK.
  • Time frame: Two 90-minute meetings per week over nine weeks conducted via Zoom, Google Meet or Teams.

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