Reach your LinkedIn audience effectively

Take advantage of LinkedIn's newsletter tool to break through the noise of the feed and provide your audience with your content more effectively.

Grow and nurture your LinkedIn community

LinkedIn introduced its newsletter tool in 2022, and we started using it shortly after. Like a traditional email newsletter, the tool makes it easier to reach your audience directly, but removes the need to build an email list from scratch. Instead, your existing LinkedIn followers become your newsletter recipients.

We've seen good results from experimenting with LinkedIn newsletters. The competition to reach a good spot in your followers' news feeds is higher than ever, but starting a newsletter gives you a new format that grabs their attention.

The LinkedIn newsletter package


  • The first two editions of your LinkedIn newsletter
  • Planning, content creation and design in accordance with the target audience and your brand guidelines
  • Population in LinkedIn and sendout

Way of working

  • You provide input, and review and approve all the content before the newsletters are sent

Price and time frame

  • Price: 20 000 SEK
  • Time frame: 2-3 weeks

You can pay now via card or invoice.


Our past newsletters

If you haven't received a LinkedIn newsletter before, take a look at some of our past editions below to understand what we'll be working on.

Get in touch

If you need more information before getting started, book a meeting with content creator Doug Bolton below to talk about your newsletter plans and how we can help.