Give context to your business

Create a page on your .com with your company's most important definitions, and help your existing and potential customers understand your business.

Why create a definitions page?

Every industry has its own terms, expressions and abbreviations that might be unknown for your customers. By providing simple definitions for these terms on your website, you can boost your customers' knowledge and get on the same page before a negotiation.

Take a look at Zooma's digital definitions page to get an idea of what your company's definition page could look like.

Creating your definitions page


Way of working

  • You provide input on the most important definitions to cover, and review drafts.
  • Zooma takes care of the template and content creation, as well as potential future updates.


  • 30 000 SEK for the initial setup. Future development of the definitions page is charged on time and materials.

You can pay now via card or invoice.


Get in touch

If you want more information before buying this package or requesting a quote, book a meeting with content creator Doug Bolton to discuss your requirements and how your definitions page could look.