Add text-to-voice to your articles

Turn your text articles into engaging audio with automated text-to-voice tools, without the need for expensive and time-consuming audio production.

Give your audience options

A while ago, we wanted to make our top-performing articles available as audio versions. We recorded ourselves reading them, edited the audio, and published them on the site. When we wanted to scale up this process, we turned to BeyondWords.

Now, readers of our content can choose to listen instead. Creating the automated audio versions is simple, and the synthetic voices are natural and easy to listen to - just listen to this text with the player above. If you want to branch out into audio content, we can help you get started.

The text-to-voice package


  • Setup of your BeyondWords account.
  • Creation of audio versions of the content you select and implementation on your site.
  • Brief training in how to create your own audio versions in future.

Way of working

  • Zooma sets up the BeyondWords account on your behalf.
  • All audio content is approved by you prior to publishing.

Price and time frame

  • Account setup and creation of the first 10 audio versions costs 4500 SEK, then 2000 SEK per additional 10 pieces of content.
  • We can complete this implementation within one working week.

Choose the number of articles you need and pay now via card or invoice.


Do you have a lot of content to populate?

If you want to create audio versions of more than 50 articles, contact us for a quote.

Get more information

If you need more information before requesting a quote, book a meeting below with content creator Doug Bolton to get a demo of the tool and how it could work on your site.