Update your Instagram business page

Let our team give your Instagram business page a fresh, eye-catching look that truly embodies your brand and sets you apart from the masses on social media. A visually appealing and user-friendly page can attract more followers and, ultimately, more customers.

Professional re-design of your Instagram company page.

Incorporating your brand's unique style and messaging into the design can help establish a strong presence on the platform. Utilising engaging captions and high-quality images can further captivate your audience, while making use of Instagram's various features, such as Stories and Reels can provide additional opportunities for engagement.

With a well-executed redesign, your Instagram business page can become a powerful tool for driving brand awareness and growth.

The Instagram re-design package


  • Update your Instagram business page
  • Connection of your Instagram accounts to HubSpot to start creating and publishing social posts and tracking social media engagements in HubSpot

Way of working

  • We develop a comprehensive plan that includes both content and functionality.
  • We create a Linktree account for your bio link that makes it easy for your audience to find all the important information they need.
  • Throughout the process, we value your input, ensuring that your vision is fully realised before final approval.

Price and time frame

  • Time frame: Three to four days
  • Price: 2 500 SEK

You can buy this package now via card or invoice.


Get in touch

If you want to learn more or ask any questions before buying this package, schedule a meeting with our content creator, Doug Bolton, to review your company's current Instagram account and discuss how Zooma can meet your needs.