Turn your visitors into ambassadors

Build your referral program

With a referral program built entirely in HubSpot, you can grow your subscriber base or reward loyal customers.

Boost your brand loyalty

Referral programs are nothing new, but they're just as effective as they were in the past. With this package, you can design and implement your own referral program to reward your most loyal customers and contacts.

The concept is simple. Each participant in the program gets a unique referral link they can send to friends and colleagues to get them to complete an action - for example, subscribing to your blog or booking an introductory meeting.

Participants can see how many people they've referred on a personal dashboard, and keep track of their milestones - goals based on their number of referrals, each linked to an exclusive award.

You can stay updated on the program's overall performance via an internal dashboard and identify the most engaged participants. 

The referral program package


A referral program built entirely in the HubSpot Marketing and Operations Hubs, including:

  • Internal and external referral dashboards
  • Personalised emails with signup and milestone notifications 
  • Registration landing pages
  • Full backend setup of the logic behind the program, including custom properties and workflows

Way of working

  • You can personalise the milestone levels and rewards
  • You review, provide feedback and give final approval
  • We set up the program in your HubSpot portal

Price and timeframe

  • Approximate time frame: Four weeks
  • Price: 120 000 SEK

You can buy this package now via card or invoice.


Take a look at Zooma's referral program

Our referral program is the template for the program you'll get if you buy this package. If you want some inspiration, take a look at Zooma's referral program rewards.

Get in touch

If you have questions or want to find out more before you buy this package, or if you're interested in a demo of Zooma's own referral program, book a free meeting with Alexander at a time that suits you.