Share your knowledge in video format

Reach your potential customers using short videos.

People find it easier to digest a short video explaining their problem or solution than reading a long text about it. Use video to mix up your knowledge content.

Create easy and to-the-point videos for your customers

Sometimes when you're looking for the answer to your problem, you only want a short explanation; your customer does too. And sometimes, they also want to get help visualising it. This is where videos are a great aid. 

You can use video content to explain a subject, show a solution your product enables, or share tips and tricks to your target customer.

By mixing up your knowledge content with video, you'll add more ways to distribute your knowledge and reach potential customers. 

The 10 knowledge videos package


Zooma creates documentary videos
focusing on relevant knowledge
expertise and solutions.

Way of working

  • Zooma handles everything.
  • You give input, participate, review and approve.
  • Send the link in an email to all subscribers, customers and contacts. 
  • Use the email marketing tool in HubSpot.

Price and timeframe

  • Approximate time frame: 3-4 weeks
  • Price: From 100 000 SEK

You can buy this package now via card or invoice.


Get in touch

If you have questions or want to find out more before you buy this package, or if you're interested in a demo of Zooma's knowledge videos, book a free meeting with Alexander at a time that suits you.