Launching a news blog

We help you to launch a news blog for your business by crafting a content plan and publishing ten compelling articles that will captivate your audience.


Having a news blog for your company is a great way to keep your audience informed about what's going on behind the scenes. It provides an opportunity to share news and updates about your company.

By regularly producing high-quality content, your news blog can become a go-to source for industry news and insights, which can help to attract new customers and retain existing ones. 

Take a look at Zooma's news blog 'The Bulletin' to get an idea of what your company's news blog could look like.


News blog setup and planning

In this package, we'll set up your new news blog and create a comprehensive content plan for the first six months, focusing on what articles to create and how to promote them on social media. With your news blog in place, it'll be up to you to create and publish the content. You can buy this package now via card or invoice.

Delivery time: Two weeks
Price: 20 000 SEK


News blog content creation

In this package, we'll set up your news blog and create the first ten informative news articles, getting the new blog off to a flying start. With your input, we'll take care of all the content creation, with you reviewing and providing final approval. You can buy this package now via card or invoice.

Delivery time: Four to five weeks
Price: 65 000 SEK


Get in touch

If you want more information before ordering one of these packages, book a meeting with content creator Doug Bolton to discuss your plans for your news blog in more detail and find out how Zooma can help.