The Onlinification Hub - now in print

399 SEK (inc. VAT)

The Onlinification Hub has been running since 2012, and we've gathered plenty of knowledge there over the last ten years. Now, we've collected our favourite articles in a complete physical book for your coffee table or desk. All proceeds will go directly to Stadsmissionen in Gothenburg.



Why a book?

We've been helping companies make online and digital a core part of their business since 2001. So it might seem odd that we're now offering a piece of content made using technology from the 15th century.

But the book is still the perfect format for gathering our highlights from the past decade and preserving them for the future. Read the book, and you'll see how much thoughts and attitudes to online and digital have changed in a relatively short time - and hopefully, get an indication of what they will be in another ten years.

What you get

240 pages of selected knowledge, gathered into a beautiful book that feels great in your hands.

The paper

We've printed the book on high-quality, highly sustainable 130g Munken Polar paper.

The bookmark

An integrated bookmark, in Zooma's signature orange. Good for playing with when you're reading, or for keeping your place when you're not.

The QR codes

We couldn't resist adding a digital touch. Scan the codes on selected articles to listen to them, in case you get tired of reading.

Manufactured sustainably in Sweden

We wanted to make sure our first book would have as little impact on the planet as possible. That's why every part of the finished product - from the paper to the bound book itself - is made here in Sweden, as close to Zooma as possible.

The materials

The book is printed on paper manufactured by Arctic Paper in the village of Munkedal, around 100km north of Gothenburg, at one of the world's most environmentally friendly paper mills. The wood comes from sustainably managed forests.

The printing

By Wind, the Nordic region's leading quality printer, printed the book at their facility in Mölndal, just south of Gothenburg. Since 2019, 100% of the electricity used here has been generated by wind (hence the name) with the company's own turbines.

The binding

After the pages were printed, the final book was bound together by M-Bok, a well-established bookbinders located in Västerås, around 100km from Stockholm.

In support of Stadsmissionen

We've long been a supporter of Göteborgs Stadsmission, a charity here in Gothenburg that provides both emergency help and long-term support to Gothenburgers who are homeless, live in poverty or suffer from social exclusion.

Stadsmissionen's work is vital for thousands of people in our city. That's why we're donating all profits from the sale of the book to them.

Leave a review

If you've already got your copy, let us know what you thought with a short review. Who knows, we might use it when we promote our next book.