10 things people hate about your website

By Anna Jodlovsky

10 things people hate about your website

People are used to quality and efficiency online, and if your site doesn’t hold up to those standards chances are that your visitor will leave and choose a competitor instead. Here are a few things to avoid if you don’t want to annoy your online visitor.

1. CTA banners

Anything that looks like ad-banners will make the user think twice before daring to click on it.

2. Auto playing slideshows

Rather make the users scroll further so they feel in control, than hide important content in an automatic slideshow.

3. Small click areas

Make sure all clickable elements have enough space for clumsy fingers. There’s nothing more annoying than accidentally clicking on the wrong link.

4. Offline experiences online

Adapt all content for online and make sure the experience matches the user's online expectations.

5. Text on image fail

Don’t use an image as a background if the text is not readable on it.

6. Squeezed content

Use a layout that will help the user to focus at one thing at the time. There’s no need to try to fit everything above the fold.

7. Burgers on desktop

Don’t use burger navigation icons on desktop designs. It adds an extra barrier for the user by hiding the primary navigation.

8. Popups

You don’t want your brand to be associated with annoying popups that interrupt the user. And Google doesn’t like them either.

9. Too much text

Is all that text really necessary to convey your message? If so, make sure to add supporting visuals to make it easy for the user to skim through the text.

10. Stock photos

Avoid generic stock photos that feel fake and don’t add any value to the user.

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Anna Jodlovsky
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