3 reasons why companies should use CGI in 2017

By Nils Munk Wirell

3 reasons why companies should use CGI in 2017

An increasing amount of customers conducts more and more of their research online before coming to a purchase decision. That is one reason why online video consumption is increasing progressively and is not likely to peak anytime soon. Creating compelling visual content is key to attracting and retaining clients early on in the customer journey. CGI makes it possible to create immersive and interactive content in a way that is hard to do by traditional means.

Here are three examples of how using CGI and /or AR/VR can help companies communicate and interact better with today’s savvy media audience.

1. Customers finish your product

Mass customisation is becoming more and more common. Companies will make the product building blocks, but customers will do the final assembly. Add in the ongoing trend of an ever increasing amount of mass customisation of colours, materials and sizes of products—it’s easy to see that only relying on traditional photography is becoming increasingly complicated, to say the least. That is without taking the environmental, logistical and cost related aspects of transporting products around the world for various photo shoots.

Example of CGI configurator | Via Volvocars.com

2. Customers want to interact with your products early on

One of the key advantages of brick and mortar stores is that customers can touch and interact with the product. It is not possible to interact with traditional photos. Videos are more immersive than photography, but they are not interactive (yet). CGI, meanwhile, allows the audience to dive into immersive virtual experiences in a whole new way.

The use of various real-time rendering tools and new web standards such as WebGL makes it possible to present products in a more interactive and immersive way on any screen. HTC’s use of Real-time rendering to display their new model is an example of this.

Example of Real-time rendering | HTC One Via Sketchfab

3. Cutting through the noise

Information overload is a well-known problem that most marketers face in today’s media climate. The average customer gets exposed to thousands of messages every day through the various information channels they consume. It is imperative for companies and organisations to find a way to cut through the noise.

Thanks to CGI and AR/VR companies and organisations can communicate ideas in ways that would be almost impossible or very cost prohibitive to do using other methods.

Showing the dangers of not clearing the snow from your car | via The Weather Channel

Using CGI can help your product get through the plethora of communication noise that is out there and highlight exactly the unique buying reasons that you want to emphasise. 

Zooma has been active in the CGI space for over 15 years. Are you interested in knowing more about how using CGI can help you save money and improve your visual communication then give us a call or come by for a coffee!

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