5 steps when guiding an enthusiastic colleague

By Anders Björklund

5 steps when guiding an enthusiastic colleague

From time to time people tell me that a colleague has shown enthusiasm or told them about an idea in an enthusiastic way... Very often the idea is based on the fact that one of their competitors have launched something like an app, tool or something similar. They are excited and want to have one for their own company as soon as possible.

Do you recognise the scenario?

How do you handle your colleague's enthusiasm? 


You shall always appreciate ideas coming from colleagues and try to boost and encourage the individual that puts forward the idea. However, in these situations there is often a need for you to educate, enlighten and guide your enthusiastic and inspired colleague. Help your colleague to frame the core focus or value of their suggestion or idea. 

  1. Why. What is the purpose of the suggested idea (or the competitor's "thing")?
  2. Who is the target group, who is it targeting?
  3. What is the benefit for the target groups that will use it?
  4. What is the mission, what should it accomplish?
  5. What are the objectives and KPIs, the wished for results?

Some of the above may be hard to align the idea with. If so, you can work collaboratively on the adjustments and refinements needed to be able to say go or no go mapped to the five steps above.

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