8 apps you need this summer

By Jimmy Brawn

8 apps you need this summer

Hopefully you get some time off this summer. To assist you in having a great time, we at Zooma gathered some of the best apps for you to download.

Explore and enjoy the eight suggested apps! 

1. Packpoint: A smart travel to-do list

Free, iOS & Android

With PackPoint you will have a to-do list for any kind of trip. Be it hiking, holiday, business travel or a night out with your spouse. This app will check out the weather of the given time and location. Based on that data, it will suggest the right things to pack.

2. TripAdvisor: Reviews, prices and bookings

Free, iOS & Android

Planning your holiday can be stressful. With this app, you can easily find places to visit. Reviews and price comparisons is collected in a user friendly overview. Book directly through the app.

3. Storytel: Relax, close your eyes and read a book

Free, iOS & Android

Listen and relax while you are on your way to your destination. By car or plane, this app will assist you in catching up on your favourite book. You can download the book so you can access it offline.

4. Project Noah: Scout and explore the nature

Free, iOS

Let your children become wilderness explorers with Project Noah. With awesome missions and badge achievements they can discover more about the flora and fauna around them.

5. WiFi Mapper: Discover free WiFi

Free, iOS & Android

Avoid places without WiFi as a tourist, unless you like to pay sky high mobile roaming rates. This app locates free WiFi hot spots for you to utilise. Very useful if you are stranded abroad and you need to connect. Remember: Do not use free hotspots for paying online. This is due to WiFi sniffing — meaning that someone else using the same hotspot can potentially capture your data and thereby your bank details. 

Summer time!

6. Riktiga Vykort: Send real post cards from your phone

Free, iOS & Android

Send your family a physical post card with this unique app! If your relative or friend is more offline than online, you can surprise them with a real authentic post card. Just use a picture from Facebook, Instagram or make a picture on the fly. Write a message and pay with your credit card.

7. KRY: Visit a doctor, everywhere – anytime

Free, iOS & Android

Doctors are often unreachable during the holidays, yet there are some solutions for this; KRY is an app to help you to get in contact with an expert. You meet a doctor over a video call. Make an appointment for yourself or your child and the doctor will diagnose your symptoms and give you prescriptions or advice.

8. Rädda Hjärtat: Save lives

Free, iOS & Android

While you are keeping up with your health, you can actually save lives with this app. It gives you on-the-spot information on both cardiac and respiratory emergencies. The app includes a map of the closest defibrillator and how to use it. If there is no defibrillator around, you can reach out to the app on how to do CPR.

What are the apps that you can’t live without during summer time?

Enjoy the summer!

Jimmy Brawn
Inbound Designer & Developer at Zooma, 2016-2017.
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