Do you think screens and surfaces if I mention online?

By Anders Björklund

Do you think screens and surfaces if I mention online?

Had an interesting discussion with one of the world’s best designers a while ago. The discussion centred on us both having noticed that people immediately tend to think about screens whenever we mention online… 

It was one of those discussions that I would have loved to be able to recount word for word in this short text; instead I will have to settle for describing the essence of it.

The fact that people think about different types of screens and surfaces when you talk about online is based on what they have experienced while being connected. But all that they have experienced is at most 2% of what they will experience… We will soon get our health status while we drive, we will get told if we are about to get ill, we will start the iron at home when thinking about it, we will open the doors in the corridor in the office by looking at them, the car seats will adjust when we’re getting close to the car and so on.

Taking away the displays when we think of how to use online will free our minds and expand the number of ideas and the capacity and potential of online and its uses. 

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