Book tips: Start with why by Simon Sinek

By Anders Björklund

Book tips: Start with why by Simon Sinek

Why are some individuals, companies and organisations more innovative and influential than others? Why do they gain more trust and impact? 

In his book "Start with why" Simon Sinek claims that they all think, act, and communicate diametrically different than everyone else. The thesis is that individuals like Martin Luther King Jr. and Steve Jobs all started with why.


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Almost all individuals, companies and organisations explain what they do and some even explain how they do it. However, there is just a handful that can articulate why they do it. 

Why is emotional and not about being number one, market leader, making money or profit- those are always the consequence and the results of the why. So why does your organisation exist? 

Starting with why works for individuals, companies and organisations in all situations and industries. The one's starting with why are around  to inspire. And people who follow them do so because they want to. 

You can do a test by answering the following three questions about yourself, your company or your organisation:

  • Emotionally, Why do we exist?
  • Emotionally, How do we do what we do?
  • Rationally, What do we do?

Still interested, answer the following four questions about your communication:

  • Why do we communicate?
  • How do we communicate?
  • Where do we communicate?
  • What do we communicate?

This book is a must read for everyone I know. Click here to buy the book, read it and start practicing.

Some of Zooma's clients who have been able to execute based on above answers have made significant impact with their communication.

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