Business blogging ideas: How to come up with new topics

By Alexander Evjenth

Business blogging ideas: How to come up with new topics

Do you ever find your articles starting to get too repetitive? I know from experience that running out of topics can cause content creators a lot of stress. Fortunately, there's a technique you can implement to never run out of business blogging ideas again - let's take a look.

All content creators get stuck now and then. I can relate to staring at an empty document, writing a few sentences, deleting, researching, and trying again, without anything sticking.

Nowadays, whenever this situation occurs, I rely on a process that helps me generate new topic ideas.

Before presenting techniques for generating business blogging ideas, let's quickly look at the prerequisites.

Topic cluster strategy 

At Zooma, we create content around specific topics. Each topic has a core in-depth pillar page, a page with numerous chapters that provide general and high-level knowledge. 

Surrounding the pillar pages, we have 'cluster content' - typically articles that detail relevant issues related to the topic. Each piece of cluster content is linked to the pillar page and vice versa, eventually creating a network of content that covers many aspects of a particular topic.

This way of working is called the topic cluster strategy. 

Although the primary purpose of using this method is to help search engines distinguish our area of expertise, it's also an outstanding technique for generating business blogging ideas. 

Since all your main topics are predefined, you are - in a certain sense - restricted in what you write about. That might sound limiting, but believe me, each main topic has infinite amounts of cluster content topics. Let's go through the techniques for uncovering an endless quantity of subtopics.

Techniques and formats for generating new business blogging ideas

Here are a few methods I use to not run out of topics.

Google's 'People also ask'

Google is my second brain. Regardless of what I want to write about, I go to Google and use the infinite source of topics with numerous different angles and perspectives to find inspiration for my article. One of the tools I use most to find inspiration for new topics is the 'People also ask' box.

This feature is a great place to find inspiration for sub-topics:

Google - Others asked for

What, how, why, when, and who 

Historically, these five words have helped me a lot when coming up with a new angle for a topic. For example, if I'm about to write an article next week about business blogging, I can write about;

  • What is business blogging?
  • How to business blog
  • Why start business blogging?
  • When to start a business blog?
  • Who should have a business blog?

Gather frequently asked questions

Ask your colleagues what questions they get from external people such as customers and suppliers. Creating a list of frequently asked questions is a valuable library to choose from whenever you or your colleagues struggle with new ideas. 

Vary whom you write to

When you can vary the level of detail in your articles, you will be able to create endless amounts of content around the same topic. As a B2B business, you probably aim to build your reputation and show your experience to a wide range of external stakeholders. Think about who these stakeholders are, and use that information to narrow the angle of your topics. 

For example, when I write content about business blogging, I want to address content creators, CMOs, Sales Managers, and Service Managers. Writing at least one article dedicated to each role helps me to come up with new perspectives and angles on the topic. 

Stay relevant

I hope these tips can help you generate new business blogging ideas. Regardless of which ones you use in your content creation, your main focus should always be to stay relevant to your audience's needs and challenges.

If your topics are related to your products and services and help move your potential customers further in their buying journey, you're on the right track.

To keep learning more about business blogging, take a look at our in-depth guide, and don't forget to download our presentation below with some quick content ideas to get you started.

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Get the business blogging ideas presentation

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