Ericsson Cloud sets a new standard for inbound campaigns

By Geoff Hollingworth

Ericsson, a global leader in delivering ICT solutions, recently launched a unique Cloud offering. Moving into this space meant that we needed to reach out to new groups and individuals that had previously not been within our reach. To do that, a coherent inbound marketing strategy and framework was put in place, by the Ericsson Cloud team with Zooma as our strategic and supporting partner.
Co-authored by Ingrid Wallgren 


Inbound for reaching ambitious business goals

The new inbound marketing strategy solution included the following steps:

Step 1: Define a strategy with KPI, personas and persona needs.

Step 2: Develop the new blog: Hyperscale Cloud | Digital Industrialization for Enterprises.

Step 3: On-board and train the organization, where the inbound certification was a key element.

Step 4: On-going persona development, persona workflows, keyword and performance tracking.

Step 5. Progress blogging activities and creation of content offers.

The Inbound framework was launched in February this year. The aim was to: 

  • Own the most customer-valuable conversations around Cloud.
  • Proactively driving leads and contributing to achieving business goals.
  • Have a clear ROI and related KPIs with a data driven approach.
  • Unify the tracking of actions and efforts into one dashboard, allowing unified monitoring and understanding in the organization. 

Specific Inbound campaign on Security: The blockchain technology e-book

The demand for digital industrialization for enterprises and cloud infrastructure solutions is growing fast but there are concerns around security and governance. Business owners increasingly need cloud services that deliver high performance with high security and governance. Security is one of the areas that are being addressed.

Internet of Things (IoT) needs
trust to be successful

In a campaign on Data Centric Security, an e-book was published on blockchain technology and the integrity assurance. At Ericsson, we let visitors explore how the Internet of Things (IoT) needs trust to be successful, as well as case studies of how blockchain technology is being used today and how it ensures a trusted environment. 


Ericsson Cloud published four blog posts in a few weeks to attract the audience. The eBook was being promoted through the IT Cloud social media channels (Twitter, LinkedIn group). And, it was pushed to the extended cloud community with a request to promote the e-book through their own social media channels. The e-book was also featured in the larger Ericsson IT channels

The results

The results from the campaign have shaped up to be amongst the best Ericsson Cloud has seen with the digital platform and will be used as a standard for future publications, and for attracting audience to our message.

Within the first week of the campaign generated:

  • 40% increase daily visits
  • 380% increase in contacts
  • 61% increase in visits from organic search
  • 166% increase in visits from social media

Above figures are in comparison to the daily average, three month prior to the campaign launch. 

The campaign has generated an increase in new contacts of 380% 

Next Steps & tracking

The current campaign on Data Centric Security will continue. Further blog posts are planned. And there are additional content and activities (webinars) planned along with paid promotion where Ericsson Cloud share knowledge and tools in this area.

Ericsson Cloud will use the platform to collect performance data and based on that take action and optimize activities and also monitor the campaign to review the mix of sources of traffic to the site (email vs. social vs. direct, etc.).

Zooma has been working closely with us in the Ericsson Cloud team to set the strategy for our inbound activities, and supported us on the overall execution, as well as with this specific campaign.

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Geoff Hollingworth
When writing this article Geoff was Head of Product Marketing Cloud Systems at Ericsson.
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