Understanding intricate technology through 3D/CGI

By Nils Munk Wirell

Understanding intricate technology through 3D/CGI

Whether your industry falls under manufacturing or services, there's a likelihood you've noted the increasing complexity of products and technical concepts.

In the arena of global competition, devising a method to elucidate your product's characteristics or advantages in a universally comprehensible manner, irrespective of language, becomes crucial.

This is where Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) plays a pivotal role. It facilitates depicting your product's journey from inception to production and its culmination into a finished product boasting various features and benefits.

Animated CGI transcends linguistic boundaries effortlessly, serving as an efficient medium for conveying multifaceted technological data. This capability is especially significant in an era characterized by an overwhelming influx of information within fleeting timeframes.


The creation of CGI components can be integrated into the design stage of a product. Various design elements, colour schemes, and even final prototype simulations can be explored at this juncture. No longer need to disassemble a product and photograph each part painstakingly. Instead, all components or sub-components can be reconstructed to yield the desired outcome.

This proves particularly advantageous when a product is still under development. Yet, the need for marketing materials to be ready, localized, and produced before the product launch is imperative.

In marketing, CGI simplifies the production of cross-sections, exploded views, and interactive models. Regrettably, these elements are often burdensome to produce, expensive, or sometimes unfeasible using traditional photography or video alone.

However, this doesn't imply the redundancy of photography.

Quality photography remains integral, serving as a powerful enhancer of brand identity. A product portrayed under perfect lighting conditions is essential to the brand's visual narrative, significantly illustrating the product in its various operational contexts.

An important fact to remember is the longevity of your CGI assets. Once created, they are at your disposal indefinitely. They can be repurposed, polished, redesigned, and updated as you need them when product enhancements or novel features are introduced.

If you're keen on exploring the potential advantages of CGI for your business, feel free to reach out!

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Nils Munk Wirell
Director of Visualisation at Zooma, 2016-2019.
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