Explaining how technology works using 3D/CGI

By Nils Munk Wirell

Explaining how technology works using 3D/CGI

Regardless if you are in a manufacturing or services business, you will probably agree that products and technical concepts are getting more complicated.

When you compete in a global market, it is essential to find a way to explain your product’s features or benefits in a way that is understandable for people regardless of language.

Showing your product, from its conception to production and, finally, a finished product with features and benefits is where CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) shines.

A piece of animated CGI automatically spans international language barriers and can quickly convey complex technological information. This becomes particularly important in an age in which we have to consume more and more information in ever-shorter periods.   

CGI components can already be created in a product’s design stage. Here one can try out different design features, colours, and even simulations of the final prototype. Moreover, taking a product apart and photographing each component is unnecessary. Instead, all elements or partial elements can be reassembled to produce the desired result.

This is especially useful when a product is still in the development phase. Still, marketing material needs to be finished, localised and produced well before the launch of the finished product.

Regarding marketing, CGI makes producing cross-sections, exploded views and interactive models easy. Unfortunately, these examples are usually challenging to create, costly, or sometimes impossible to produce using only traditional photography or video.

With that said, one should not rule out photography.

Good photography is essential. It is a vital brand booster. A beautifully lit product forms part of the brand’s visual identity and goes a long way to demonstrate the product in its various working environments.

It is important to remember that once your CGI assets are created, you have them for life. You can re-use, refine, recreate and update them as you see fit when product updates or new features are launched.

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Nils Munk Wirell
Director of Visualisation at Zooma, 2016-2019.
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