Explore the presentations from INBOUND15

By Louise Waern

Explore the presentations from INBOUND15

This is a follow-up on my blog post from last week, an energising week at INBOUND15, that summarised the impressions from the #INBOUND15 event in Boston. I promised to bring some specificly interesting and useful sessions to your attention and also link to the presentations that are available for everyone online. So feel free to explore some of the content from INBOUND15.

All sessions

Most sessions are uploaded on the INBOUND LinkedIn SlideShare account and can be explored there.

High-lighted sessions

The sessions covered a wide range of topics. I personally got inspired by the ones focusing on content and blogging, for example:

The Neuroscience of Memorable Content

Dr. Carmen Simon explained in her session how the brain memorises content.

Carmen Simon at INBOUND15 – Your customers remember only 10%

A Blueprint for Content Marketing

Tamsen Webster showed how to design for action in her inspiring session.

A better blog

Angela DeFranco gave tips for how to improve the way of blogging.

Angela DeFranco at INBOUND15


If you are wondering about videos and other content, INBOUND15 is working on it. Full-length videos from the main stage as well as short versions of other talks are already available on HubSpot’s YouTube channel, and more will come as described in this article.

Tech content

Next week, my colleague Yeu-Kang Hua, inbound marketeer and web generalist at Zooma, will share some of his reflections from a technical perspective.

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