High-lights day two at the Mobile World Congress

By Ingrid Wallgren

High-lights day two at the Mobile World Congress

Mobile_World_Congress_2015Day two was yet another interesting day here at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Here are some high-lights from the Ericsson customer keynote.

Hans Vestberg, President & CEO of Ericsson, told us that more than a billion mobile broadband subscriptions were added 2014. He talked about new ways of delivering services. Many industries are changing and as an example there are now five hundred mobile money users which use the mobile phone for bank services instead of a bank account. Health-care has an enormous potential to raise quality and efficiency. Hans Vestberg also showed estimations of 14 trillion USD in hidden value in just two major industries (the global transport and health-care industries) by using ICT (Mobility, broadband and the cloud).

The CEO of Scania, Martin Lundstedt, told us connectivity is standard in their trucks. 110 000 trucks are now connected and 5 000-6 000 are added every month. Scania is working to improve different flows within connectivity. In-vehicle, vehicle-customer, maintenance and service planning, financing and insurance and also collecting logistic data that can be monetized and sold to customers. They are doing research on intelligent transport system, for example on autonomous trucks driving which will bring lower fuel consumption and lower Co2 emission. It was interesting to hear that Scania’s service business is now growing 2-3 times faster than the hardware business.



At the congress we also learned that video apps and social apps are top apps driving traffic. Today in most countries Facebook, Netflix, YouTube and in some markets Spotify are dominating both in terms of time spent and MB used. Will these apps running on powerful computing devices connected to the cloud still be the top apps in 3-5 year’s time? Which are the apps that will make a difference on people’s lives on a day to day basis? What is your view?   

Ingrid Wallgren
As a key account manager and business strategist at Zooma, Ingrid keeps close to customers’ needs and activities.
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