How a project brief lays the foundation for a successful project

By Karin Myhrén

How a project brief lays the foundation for a successful project

When a project starts there is often a requirement and wish for final delivery or launch as soon as possible. It can therefore seem like an advantage timewise to skip or just do a ‘quick and dirty’ project brief without using a proper brief template. However, that is usually an illusion that ends up costing you more time in the long term. In this post I lay out the rationale for using a proper project brief and how to use it.

To invest time in the first steps of the project is usually an advantage seen to the whole project. With a carefully prepared and approved project brief you have created the foundation to succeed with the upcoming project.

Here are four steps to keep in mind making your project brief:

1. Create a project brief template

There are many project brief templates available to use which is understandable since projects differ very much as well. However, it is important that your team/department/company agree on what is important for you to define before a new project is started.

To do this, create a template that match the majority of the projects that you run in your team/department/company. When there are projects that does not fit perfectly into this template it can be adapted to those specific projects.

2. Fill in the project brief template

Take the time to fill in the project brief template. Define what should be delivered and achieved, what the deliverables mean and set the measurable objectives. Involve the persons that will benefit from the project to get their views into the brief.


3. Get an approval of the brief

When the brief is written you need to gain approval for it on the right level and with the necessary stakeholders.

4. Use the project brief

Once you have approval, onboard the involved and affected persons to have the same understanding of the goal. Follow the brief and if there are deviations, make sure to have those approved.

Click here to download Zooma’s project brief template

There are of course many more important steps to succeed with a project and if you would like you can read my previous post 7 steps to maximize the outcome when buying a project from an agency.

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