How to build a smarter brand using on-the-fly, real-time communication

By Per-Henrik Persson

How to build a smarter brand using on-the-fly, real-time communication

The way people communicate today creates new possibilities to have a dialogue that feels authentic. The most important is that it is happening right here, right now. Thanks to daily exposure of different online Touch Points and content streams, we use online and consume digital content way faster than traditional media.

This gives you enormous new possibilities to connect, talk and bond with your target personas. But only if you have a content strategy in place that lets you create content that is good enough to be loved and shared – both by your existing fans and outside your own circle of influence.

How to build a smarter brand using on-the-fly, real-time communication

To be ready when it happens is the new black when it comes to marketing and communication that happens here and now.

Let me illustrate with an example. Let’s say that you are working as the Energy Company Marketing Manager. There will be the winter storm of the year this weekend. You pick this up in the weather forecast on Tuesday. Then you and your team probably have at least a couple of days to prepare content with two different messages:

  • One with content suitable to match the bad weather situation, in line with the forecast.
  • One with a surprising message that is suitable to promote the nice, sunny weather that came from nowhere.

Another example. You are building a content campaign around the Soccer World Cup Final, prime time and with incredibly high audience interest, the entertainment event of the year.

Here you can prepare your message so it can adapt to a winning or losing team.

  • Winning: “Contact us and join us in the celebration of our victory in the game!”
  • Losing: “Contact us and help us forget the game together.”

With that preparation, your reaction time is close to zero, when you push the button and start spreading your high quality, persona related campaign content, after the game is over.

This is easy to do if you have the right understanding of online and digital, as well as the right tools to support you. To be ready with the organisation when it happens as well.

When you got the attention, you also get the possibility to connect, attract and convert with your superb content.

How much more you are going to sell depends on the method you are complementing your real time dialogue with and what type of foundation communication and structure you are using.

What’s sure is that you will definitely create an aura around your brand that make it seem to be a bit smarter, more connected to current events, a little sharper and a little more interesting – even for the ones who don’t know who you are.

You have created gravitational attraction.

Combine that with your long term marketing strategy and you will also create magic!

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