Instagram: Follow our example!

By Anders Björklund

Instagram: Follow our example!

A couple of months ago Zooma decided that we should give all colleagues free access to our Instagram account and publish whatever they liked. Now we would like you to follow our example. 


When we started our account on Instagram for the Zoomers and our Friends, we just registered it and handed out the username and the password to everyone. In the beginning very few published anything and almost everyone was a bit thoughtful about what to publish in the name of Zooma.

Then we had a discussion that ended in a decision that everyone owns a slot time that they decide over. And if anyone feels insecure about the content they are about to publish they just ask a colleague for a second opinion.

Our purpose with doing this is to practice internal trust and to inspire our friends to follow our example. It’s also to show that the world doesn’t come to an end if you allow colleagues to use their own judgement when posting online.

Over time it may in fact lower barriers to posting online and testing things out. One of the things that makes online different than any traditional media is just the ability to test things out and learn what works and what doesn’t. As companies in the digital age we all need to become better at experimenting, testing, learning and adapting. After all, that’s the only way we can evolve.

As far as we know one of our friends have started partly, they have provided the username and the password to everyone within marketing and sales in their company. And we will inspire them to provide this to all employees.

If you would like to follow our example and you want to hear what the pros and cons with this approach is, feel free get in contact with us. 

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And if you want to follow our example, just do it!

Anders Björklund
Founder, CEO & Strategist since 2001. Anders provides thoughts and reflections about how to think about onlinification and digitalisation in B2B.
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