Interesting things we've bookmarked recently (Oct 2020)

By Niyat Ghebremichael

Interesting things we've bookmarked recently (Oct 2020)

Continuing a series we began in 2013, we share some of the most interesting articles, researches, and resources recently bookmarked by the Zooma team. We hope you find it inspiring and useful!

This October, we have an HBR research on work productivity from home, some insights from Google’s Head of Research about consumer needs and behaviour, the latest ConsumerLab report of Ericsson, and more.

Bookmarked resources

Remote work

Remote work for design teams

Explore the best practices for running a remote design team with some great insights about remote work, created by InVision's team - a fully distributed remote workforce since 2011. It's somewhat aimed towards designers, but there are chapters that everyone can benefit from.


SEOs must focus on intent research practices in 2020

SMX speaker, Frédéric Dubut of Bing, explains why 2020 is the year SEOs need to evaluate their intent research practices to keep up with the latest developments in deep learning and natural language processing.


How do needs drive intent?

Consumer needs trigger consumer journeys. But how can marketers identify these consumer needs and respond to them? Justin De Graaf, Head of Research and Insights at Google, speaks about the emotions behind need states and what marketers can do to put this information to use.


Also, read the article on how consumer needs shape search behaviour and drive intent.

Ericsson report and papers

Ericsson ConsumerLab explores how to make commuting time valuable

This report uncovers consumer behaviour both before and during the COVID-19 crisis and post-pandemic expectations. Read Ericsson ConsumerLab's latest report

Ericsson technology trends 2020

In this article, Erik Ekudden, Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Group Function Technology at Ericsson explains the ongoing evolution of the network platform in terms of the key needs that are driving its evolution and the emerging capabilities that will meet both those and other needs.


The future of design tools

This AI turns rough sketches to photorealistic landscapes. Researchers at NVIDIA have developed a deep learning model that uses generative adversarial networks to convert rough sketches into life-like images.

Addressing the most complex customer questions in real-time

Engati is a chatbot platform with multilingual capabilities for global customers. With smart AI bots, they help you create the smoothest of customer experiences across 14+ platforms. And now, they are helping to answer customers' most complicated questions in real-time with Engati Live Chat. You can find more information here.

A robot wrote this entire article. Are you scared yet, human?

The Guardian asked GPT-3, OpenAI’s powerful new language generator, to write an essay for us from scratch. The assignment? To convince us robots come in peace. 


The world population in 2100, by country

In 2015, the United Nations predicted that the global population could surpass 11 billion by the end of the century. Last year, the UN revised these estimates, but the numbers it came up with were still well above 10 billion. These regular projections from the UN have been the status quo—until now. Explore the projection of the world’s population, by country in 2100.

Winning the new B2B buyer

Understand what motivates B2B buyers and how you can earn their trust. The guide to the B2B buying landscape uncovers:

  • The forces that are transforming B2B buyer behaviour and the resulting risks and opportunities for marketers.
  • What buyers expect from their interactions with your company, and how to provide the open, connected, intuitive, and immediate experiences they crave.
  • How to map your strategies and tactics to different types of buying scenarios.

ESG on a Sunday, a weekly newsletter

Subscribe to get the weekly newsletter every Sunday, with the best ESG-related stories from the past week. Essentially, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is a way to assess what companies (and other organisations) are doing to get an idea of how sustainable they really are.

Market makers podcast (in Swedish) - #148 Ant group med Digitala Draken

Ant Group, China's largest FinTech company and a spin-off from tech giant Alibaba, will be listed on the stock exchange and will be one of history's largest IPOs.

In this episode of Market Makers, the podcast is visited by China and tech expert Tom Xiong, who also runs the eminent podcast 'Den Digitala Draken' to talk about the upcoming listing.

Documentary-drama: The social dilemma

The docudrama film on Netflix 'The Social Dilemma' explores the dangerous human impact of social networking, with tech experts sounding the alarm on their creations. Its focus on the exploitation of its users for profit through surveillance capitalism and data mining, how its design is intended to promote addiction, its use in politics, its impact on mental health and its role in spreading conspiracy theories such as Pizzagate.

Book recommendation (in Swedish)

  • Nollan och nätet - Noelias hemlighet

    Noelia's secret is the first book in a series about Nollan, which will make it easier for adults and children to start conversations about life online. 
  • Boken som inte ville bli läst

    Comedian David Sundin's book 'The book that did not want to be read' is a humorous picture book for all children who need the help of adults to read their books. Since this book does not want to be read, it will mess up (the letters disappear, the book tries to close, etc. )  to the great joy of the children.

Travelling inspiration

In the absence of real travelling, here is some inspiration that you can  follow on Instagram:

  • Vemdalen inspiration

    Caroline Fredin shares images and stories about her life in the mountains.
  • Pernilla Danielsson

    Swedish photographer who is living in Mallorca takes photos of people and places using natural light. 


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