Personalisation without being intrusive

By Per-Henrik Persson

Personalisation without being intrusive

What you need to consider in the future of online and digital content is that it will become more personalised! An interesting thought: What will happen with your campaigns in the near future, when the Digital Natives, who are very digitally savvy, are ready to sacrifice privacy for personalisation?

One can just imagine the need of understanding your brand’s personas profoundly to be able to create and generate high quality content that will attract maximum interest.

Digital Natives are warming to technologies like NFC, mobile payments, content messaging and so forth—technologies that help make delivery of relevant content easy and convenient. Content that speaks to them and are presented in a relevant situation, at the right time, in the right context.

The content could be things like discount coupons, reminders, advices—all wrapped inspiringly in your brand tonality and campaign concepts.

If you combine personalisation with inspiration, functionality and timing, then you lower the bar for people to sign up for more information, and you most likely get rid of the stalker factor.


For example, they—the Digital Natives—don’t think it’s intrusive when a company reminds them about their forgotten shopping cart, when shopping online. That is a value for them, a service.

It’s about learning and understanding things like this and tweak your communication towards that. Ultimately it’s about how you best can help and provide value to your personas in any given situation.

It’s also about preparing content that speaks to your personas’ brain (with rational arguments) and heart (with emotional arguments), to get them attracted to your messages and your brand. How do you do that in a personal way?

Well, let’s start with asking yourself who your customers are, and what your dream customer look like. How will they likely react in different situations and what can you as a brand do to provide help, guidance, efficiency and value in those situations. We call this ‘use case based efficiency makers’. It’s really about thinking from the outside—from the perspective of your personas—and try to figure out how you best can provide value to them.

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Per-Henrik Persson
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