Podcast: Get to know Anna

By Alexander Evjenth

Podcast: Get to know Anna

Today we have another 'Get to know a Zoomer' episode, and the guest today is Anna Öhlander, administrator and workplace manager at Zooma. It was fun to talk with Anna and get to know her better. So I hope you enjoy it as well.

Anna takes care of invoices, project administration, organising Zooma events, and much more. She works closely with Rozanna Medica Hölje, our business controller. 

Anna-Ohlander Before working at Zooma, she worked in a similar role at a large Swedish technology company for 27 years.
Anna likes to spend time with her husband and two children in her free time, particularly at their cottage in Gothenburg's beautiful Delsjön area, where she cares for the garden, digging, planting and arranging in her little greenhouse.

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AE: [00:00:00] Hi, and welcome to the Onlinification Pod, a podcast by Zooma. I'm Alex, your host. Today is one of those 'Get to know a Zoomer' episodes, and the guest today is Anna Öhlander. And I thought talking with Anna and getting to know her better was enjoyable. So I hope you enjoy it as well. Now it's time to roll the jingle.

AE: [00:00:28] Very nice to have you on the Pod.

AÖ: [00:00:31] Thank you, Alex. It's nice to be here.

AE: [00:00:33] Yeah. So this is one of those episodes where we focus more on the person than most episodes we have had before; it's about a specific topic, but this is really to get to know you, Anna.

AÖ: [00:00:53] Okay.

AE: [00:00:54] I recently returned from paternity leave, so I haven't spoken to you 1 to 1 yet. So, no, this is also an opportunity for me to get to know you better.

AÖ: [00:01:09] Yeah.

AE: [00:01:11] So, how long have you worked at Zooma?

AÖ: [00:01:14] I started on the 14th of March. And I work two days a week. So this is my 24th day.

AE: [00:01:24] Yeah. Keeping it count.

AÖ: [00:01:27] Yeah.

AE: Yeah, that's good. And. And what's your role at Zooma?

AÖ: [00:01:35] I'm an administrator and workplace manager.

AE: [00:01:40] Hmm. And so far, I know you have arranged some work-related events.

: [00:01:52] Yeah.

AE: [00:01:56] So tell us a bit about what those have been.

AÖ: [00:02:00] Well, it was the Alumni meeting we had just the other week. So just arranging the purchases, fixing the food and stuff like that and making the office look nice, so to say.

AE: [00:02:19] And for those who don't know what an Alumni event is, what is that?

AÖ: [00:02:24] It's when we invite colleagues who no longer work here to come and visit. So there they come, and those working here now have a chance to meet up, say hi, and follow up on what's been happening in their lives.

AE: [00:02:44] So yeah. And how did it go? Was it nice? I was sick that day. Unfortunately, I missed it.

AÖ: [00:02:51] Appreciated, and people were happy to see each other, and the food was good. And so on.

AE: [00:02:58] That's good. So tell us a bit about what your work looks like.

AÖ: [00:03:05] Well, as I said, I work two days a week. I work Mondays and Wednesdays, and every second week it's on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And I start by checking the mail, catching up, and seeing what needs to be taken care of. And I often check up with Rozanna. She's my rock, by the way. She's I'm so glad to work with her, and I so appreciate her. Then, I do some project administration invoicing and check if something's needed at the office—another administrative thing.

AE: [00:03:50] That's nice. And what's your background? What did you do before joining Zooma?

AÖ: [00:03:55] Before Zooma, I worked as a business assistant at a big technical consulting company. And the department I worked at them was a UX solution department. And my tasks were kind of similar to the ones that I'm doing here. Same but different, so to say. But I had a little more work, including a few more personnel tasks. So that's what I did and I, I worked there for 27 years, so.

AE: [00:04:35] Oh, wow. So how was it to leave?

AÖ: [00:04:45] I was ready to leave. It was time. Yeah.

AE: [00:04:50] And some listeners here might listen to this episode to get a feeling of how it is to work at Zooma; maybe they are in a recruitment process and want to hear how it is to work at Zooma. So much so far, these 24 days, how was your reflection about Zooma, and how is it to work at Zooma?

AÖ: [00:05:16] Yeah, it's exciting and challenging to start a new job after a long time. And I'm happy to be part of Zooma. But the part of the challenge is also to work just two days a week. So but yeah, I got I have a good feeling. I feel welcome, but we work so digitally.

I look forward to hopefully seeing colleagues in real life, some more social meetings, more talks over a cup of coffee, and so on to get to know the company and colleagues better. So yeah, I have a good feeling and look forward to my days at Zooma. I do.

AE: [00:06:07] That's good. But you work in the office most days.

AÖ: [00:06:13] I've started to do that. I mean, at least one of my days.

AE: [00:06:18] Yeah.

AÖ: [00:06:19] I'll spend it here, probably both.

AE: [00:06:23] Yeah.

AÖ: [00:06:24] Yeah. And then I have the opportunity to meet someone. Socialise.

AE: [00:06:31] Yeah. That's good. Yeah. I'm going to start work some days as well. Now I have worked remotely for almost two years. And it is maybe one or two days in the office. So yeah. Also, nice to see you in person. And so what do you do? Like outside work?

AÖ: [00:07:04] How I spend my time outside. With my family, I have a love of my life and our two children, a boy and a girl. And I do some exercising a bit. And but mostly I like to to be at our little cottage. And I enjoy caring for the garden, digging, planting and arranging in my little greenhouse. It's like a little hobbit town. Everything is small. It's an allotment in Delsjön.

AE: [00:07:38] Ah, in Delsjön, one of those Kolonilotts.

AÖ: [00:07:44] Yes. Tiny little red house.

AE: [00:07:47] Yeah. Those are very cute.

AÖ: [00:07:49] Everything is tiny.

AE: [00:07:52] And where do you live in Gothenburg?

AÖ: [00:07:55] Otherwise, I live in Bagaregården.

AÖ: [00:08:00] I enjoy doing nothing, reading books, and glancing.

AE: [00:08:08] Yeah, the season for that is coming up here with the summer.

AÖ: [00:08:14] Yeah.

AE: [00:08:15] And so that's nice. I got to get to know you better here, Anna. So it was nice to speak to you.

AÖ: [00:08:36] Nice speaking to you, too, Alex.

AE: [00:08:39] Thank you. Bye bye.

AÖ: [00:08:40] Thank you. Bye bye.

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