Podcast: Start sharing your knowledge!

By Alexander Evjenth

Podcast: Start sharing your knowledge!

At Zooma, we spend a lot of time trying to make knowledge available to a wider audience, whether it's our own knowledge or that of our customers. However, since we've been working remotely, we've discovered that we're not so great at sharing knowledge internally. In this episode, I spoke to Anders and Stellan to find out how we're trying to improve.

All B2B companies want their potential and existing customers to get all the knowledge they need about their products and solutions. The internet has changed buying behaviour, and today, a sales rep knows that a prospect has already done lots of online research before they even scheduled the meeting. The challenge for companies today is making this internal knowledge available and getting it found by a relevant audience.

But despite this welcome development, lots of companies haven't embraced internal knowledge sharing in the same way. A lot of the time, individual departments at a company have a very limited our out-of-date idea of what their colleagues actually do all day. Whenever something absolutely has to be shared, it's usually placed in an underused corporate intranet that a lot of colleagues never check.

A while ago, we realised that our knowledge sharing at Zooma could use some improvement as well. So by changing our routines and giving ourselves the tools we need, we did some experiments and ended up getting a lot better.

In this episode, we spoke about sharing knowledge within your company - why is it important, how can you make it better, and what lessons can you learn from us?

I hope you enjoy this episode and get a bit of inspiration for your own company. You can listen to it on the podcast platform of your choice using the links below, or read through the transcription further down if you're in a rush. Enjoy!

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