The Onlinification Pod's top episodes of 2022

By Doug Bolton

The Onlinification Pod's top episodes of 2022

We managed to release 32 episodes of The Onlinification Pod during 2022, and now that the new year is beginning, we're looking back at the episodes that attracted the most listeners. If you haven't heard them yet, take a listen, and make sure to subscribe to the pod if you don't want to miss what we've got planned for 2023.

Revenue operations (with Anna Oom from Qmatic)

Taking the top spot is this episode focusing on revenue operations, a strategy that many companies have used successfully to break down the hard boundaries that can exist between sales, marketing and service. Guesting this episode was Anna Oom, a friend of Zooma and head of revenue marketing at customer journey management company Qmatic. More listeners listened to this episode than any other in 2022, so congratulations to Anna!

Brand value propositions and positioning statements

Everyone can recognise a strong, consistent brand when they experience one. But developing a brand, ensuring it's adopted across an organisation and matches the gut feeling customers get when interacting with a company, is a considerable challenge. This episode, hosted by Alexander and guested by Anders, covers these topics and contains some really solid advice for positioning your brand. Since it was 2022's second-most-listened episode, it clearly did its job.

What does a CRM manager do? (with Jack Warren)

Jack, the CRM manager at laboratory automation company Automata, joined us for this episode to talk about his role and why B2B companies would benefit from bringing in a CRM manager of their own. As we've written about before on The Onliification Pod, creating a CRM system that works and actually drives business forward requires consistent work - it can't just be an afterthought, as it is at many companies. Jack covers these topics in this episode and gives some essential tips for companies who want to get something valuable out of their CRM.

How to get your B2B translations under control (with Linda Gårdlöv)

In this episode, we were joined by Linda Gårdlöv, the CEO of the translation agency Comactiva. Effective translation and localisation are essential for customers like Zooma's - large, international B2B companies with highly technical products. But the localisation process is often the weak link in these companies' marketing and communications efforts. In this episode, Linda explained some of the basics around translation versus localisation and shared her experiences of how companies can reduce the headache that localisation often involves.

How Womengineer inspires the next generation (with Marie Ideström)

Zooma is a supporter of Womengineer, a foundation that works to get more girls interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematical (STEM) subjects in school and in higher education, so it was great to have founder and CEO Marie Ideström on this episode. We discussed Womengineer's work around communication and campaigning and the challenges of reaching some very tricky target groups.

2022 was a big year for The Onlinification Pod, but these were the episodes that reached the top. If you've listened to the podcast at all this year, thanks for joining us - and if not, take a look at what you're missing and subscribe using the links below to the podcast platforms where we're present.

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