Crafting engaging social content: The keys to relevance

By Anders Björklund

Crafting engaging social content: The keys to relevance

Discover four critical strategies for paid, Earned, owned, and shared social media, elevating your customers' experience.

In the dynamic landscape of social media marketing, customers' expectations for a seamless and cohesive journey often collide with fragmented planning approaches. These challenges can be daunting because of the need for more data transparency on social platforms and the ever-evolving algorithms. That is precisely why marketers must establish cross-functional teams that unify their social presence across paid, owned, earned, and shared media.

Unlocking the power of planning

  • Satisfying your customers' demand for brand consistency requires meticulous planning and seamless coordination, even in the face of fragmented ownership of social media communications within your organization.
  • The key to a thriving content pipeline lies in intelligent planning. Ensuring that the right content is delivered through the appropriate channels, in suitable formats, and at optimal times is essential.

  • Consider implementing bi-daily or weekly stand-up meetings to break down the silos that hinder collaboration across your online and social teams. These gatherings are opportunities to validate the relevance of your messaging and make sure it aligns with your goals. Embrace shared editorial calendars to give your cross-functional teams a comprehensive view of planning and publishing activities. By fostering this holistic approach, you can harmonize your efforts and maintain a consistent brand presence across all channels.

Building relevance and trust

  • To stay connected with your target audience, offering a combination of entertainment, utility, and meaningful conversations is crucial. You should strive to understand what's important to your audience and actively participate in those discussions. For instance, if your audience shows interest in material handling, you can develop content plans around this topic.

  • Embrace the power of giving your customers a voice and leverage user-generated content to foster trust. People seek peer validation rather than solely relying on your brand's self-promotion. By incorporating user-generated content, you can showcase your brand's greatness through authentic experiences.
  • Additionally, explore partnerships with influencers who align naturally with your brand values. Consider their ability to reach diverse audiences, their talent for creating captivating content, and the inherent resonance between their voice and your brand's message. Collaborating with suitable influencers can expand your brand's reach and enhance its appeal.

Building authenticity and reliability

  • In this era of uncertainty, aligning your social media efforts with the buyer journey is crucial to establish your brand as authentic and dependable.
  • Consider how far your potential and existing customers can progress in their decision-making process through social media. While they may not be able to make direct purchases or orders on the platform, you can still provide valuable posts and leverage compelling calls to action (CTAs) to guide them closer to your brand before ultimately directing them to your website.
  • By strategically integrating social media content and CTAs, you can effectively nurture customer engagement and facilitate a seamless transition from social platforms to your website. This approach reinforces your brand's credibility and enables customers to progress further along their journey, fostering a stronger connection with your offerings.

Delivering relevant and valuable content

  • Brand-engaged customers express their interest in consuming content from and following brands. It is essential to cater to these social media users by providing them with helpful content that addresses their needs and pain points. The true potential of social media lies in the ability to be highly specific in meeting your customers' requirements.

  • To avoid content stagnation, continuously test and optimise your offerings to ensure they resonate with your audience. Regularly assess whether the content effectively addresses their needs and captures their interest. By staying proactive in refining your content strategy, you can maintain a dynamic and engaging social media presence that consistently delivers value to your audience.

To learn more about using social media as a B2B company, look at our extensive guide to social media for business. You can also download the guide as a PDF below if you prefer.

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