The growing importance of a mobile onsite presence

By Martin Ray

The growing importance of a mobile onsite presence

Zooma_Blog_post_Illustration_game_gamification-resized-600Many of us have embraced mobile devices as the primary way to go online in recent years. The trend towards mobile online access is universal and with it the necessity for companies to have a functional user friendly mobile onsite presence has grown in importance. In some countries we are now approaching a paradigm shift where more than 50% of online traffic soon will come from mobile devices. In other countries this shift has already occurred.

On a global level 32 % of online traffic came from mobile devices in May 2014 according to StatCounter, an online visitor stats tool which samples more than 15 billion page views per month from more than 3 million websites.

However, as shown in the table below there are still huge differences across the world when it comes to embracing mobile online access. 



Mobile % of Online Traffic, May 2014


41 %


41 %


25 %

North America

28 %


28 %

South America

20 %

Source: StatCounter GlobalStats, June 2014


Within continents there is also a large discrepancy from market to market when it comes to mobile online adoption. In Europe, Italy is leading the race to mobile with 41 % of online traffic originating from mobile devices in May 2014. Meanwhile only 8 % of online traffic in Bosnia and Herzegovina came from mobile devices during the same month (in Sweden, for comparison, 26 % of online traffic came from mobile devices in May).

However, some markets have long since made the transition from PC to mobile devices. In India, for example, the shift from PC to mobile occurred already in 2012 and by May 2014 70 % of Indian online traffic came from mobile devices.

Regardless, the trend towards mobile is clear wherever you look. As a result all companies need to put high priority on having a functional and user friendly mobile onsite presence as well as mobile apps that are creating use case based efficiency for mobile users.

For an increasing number of people the first encounter with your brand and your company is through a mobile device. And we all know that if you make a bad first impression it is very difficult to rectify. Not least in an online world where impressions are typically made within the first 4-6 seconds of an encounter.

Is your company providing a great mobile experience for your target groups?

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