The most downloaded content offers of the first half of 2019

By Niyat Ghebremichael

The most downloaded content offers of the first half of 2019

During the first half of 2019 Zooma published lot's of content offers to make your life easier. Have a look at a summary of the most downloaded content offers on The Onlinification Blog of the first half of 2019. Perhaps you want to download some of them, enjoy!

Here are the most downloaded content offers after the first six months of 2019:

  • The ten commandments of online and digital (.pdf)
    In this PDF, you will find a summary of the ten most common bits of advice we give to our friends regarding obtaining an online and digital mindset. Download it and keep as a constant reminder.
  • Your buyer persona template (.pdf)
    Personas are fictional representations of your ideal customers & help you understand prospects and customers. In this template, we have provided an example to create personas. 
  • Digital outlook 2019 (.pptx)
    If you’re interested in knowing more about current trends and what they mean, this 25-page presentation will give you a good overview.

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Niyat Ghebremichael
Niyat has been a content manager at Zooma since 2019. She loves to create content​ and helps to bring campaigns and ideas to life.
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