The most downloaded content offers of the first half of 2020

By Anders Björklund

The most downloaded content offers of the first half of 2020

During the first half of 2020 Zooma published lot's of content offers to make your life easier and to provide practical advice and tips. Have a look at a summary of the most downloaded content offers on The Onlinification Blog of the first half of 2020. Perhaps you want to download some of them, enjoy!

Here are the most downloaded content offers after the first six months of 2020:

  • Digital definitions
    In this PDF, you can find a simple online and digital nomenclature. You can use it as the basis to build your internal nomenclature for online and digital terms and expressions
  • What is online vs digital?
    In this presentation, we try to explain online and digital in a simplified way—enjoy your download!
  • Digital strategy examples
    In this presentation, you find a classification of six types of digital strategies. The three first are primarily offensive, targeting new demands, supply or business models. The last three are defensive by nature since they aim to improve what the companies using them already do slightly.
  • How to build brand loyalty
    We created a PowerPoint with some effective ways to build brand loyalty. I hope you find them useful and worth the effort.
  • Social media calendar 2020
    Haven't you created a calendar yet? Use the template to plan and keep track of all your social media content. Ensure that your content is created consistently and on time.
  • HubSpot Nomenclature Template (.xlsx)
    To be able to perform fast and on accurate analytics in HubSpot, or any other tool for that matter, it's a prerequisite to use consistent naming for activities.

Here you'll find the most-read blog articles of the first half of 2020.

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