The Onlinification Hub's most-read articles of 2021

By Doug Bolton

The Onlinification Hub's most-read articles of 2021

2021 is over - so in keeping with tradition, I wanted to take a look back at those articles from The Onlinification Hub that drew the most attention in 2021.

The most-read articles of 2021 - that were published in 2021

  1. Do content creators have anything to fear from GPT-3?
    By Doug Bolton, December 2 2021
  2. Why sales doesn't use marketing content
    By Anders Björklund, April 22 2021
  3. The best B2B marketing automation platforms
    By Stellan Björnesjö, May 4 2021
  4. Ghostwriting: Why and how you should ghostwrite your knowledge content
    By Alexander Evjenth, February 2 2021
  5. The best time to post on LinkedIn
    By Anders Björklund, February 11 2021

Those were the top performers of last year - but as you can see below, none of the overall most-read articles from 2021 were actually published last year. This proves that if you produce a high-quality, relevant piece of evergreen content, it can keep delivering results year after year.

The overall most-read articles of 2021

  1. Amazon's vision statement
    By Anders Björklund, June 5 2014
  2. What is online vs. digital?
    By Anders Björklund, June 8 2017
  3. Free social media calendar template
    By Niyat Ghebremichael, December 12 2019
  4. What is the difference between a blog, vlog and slog?
    By Anders Björklund, February 26 2019
  5. What is the internet of things and why is it important?
    By Ingrid Wallgren, April 28 2016

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