The principles of 'buyer first'

By Anders Björklund

The principles of 'buyer first'

Most decision-makers don't respond to impersonal B2B sales, while most salespeople expect a decrease in sales. Therefore, it would be best if you put the buyers first. This means it's never been as crucial before for potential sellers to put themselves in their potential buyer's shoes to understand their challenges and needs and develop a partnership based on trust.

Learn to understand their needs

It's all about the buyer, so get curious about their unique situation and learn the nuances of their challenges. Then you shall use your expertise to suggest and define a solution, let them decide how they prefer how to move forward in their buying process, and co-create a path to success, together.

Share content applicable to their decision-making role

Show excellent transparency by openly sharing information about your offer and the industry. They've done their research, so by sharing trends, facts, insights, and specific learnings from the buyer's industry, you'll show you're the expert committed to adding relevant value.

Solve to become the trusted advisor

Become the trusted advisor by genuinely listening to your buyer's specific challenges and suggesting solutions that help them achieve their desired future state. When you do this, you will create an immediate impact to build a lasting partnership.

Deliver value

Make sure that the buyer's success is equal to your success. Before the deal, you must be active, offer tests and demos, and share learnings and experiences from comparable buyers. After the agreement is done, stay actively engaged. Ensure the buyer is satisfied with how the product, solution or service works and follow up with relevant updates and proactive suggestions.

Earn the buyer's trust

Always act in the buyer's interest throughout their decision journey by investing in the long term, even if it means short-term sacrifices. Please share your knowledge, engage with theirs, and make introductions to form new relationships. As a result, you'll build trust and true partnerships that span careers.

Provide content for the complete buyer's journey

Learn how to provide content for the complete buyer's journey and look at our in-depth guide to learn more about content creation. If you want to focus more on how your content fits in with your buyer's journey, book a meeting with me below, and we can discuss how you can improve.

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