Things that help you create a loveable brand online

By Per-Henrik Persson

Things that help you create a loveable brand online

Have you ever thought about what to do to be loved and not only liked as a brand? In this post we write about some of our thoughts on what is important when it comes to creating content that inspires and creates engagement with your brand.

Zooma - Things that help you create a loveable brand online

There are lots of great inspirers online. Instagram and YouTube are great examples of offsite communities (a.k.a. social media platforms) where youll find those inspirers. The common denominator for the most successful ones is that they understand the possibility and also the limitations of the content formats and a specific touch point. When you do that, you can move fast and inspire in the right way to get reaction and action. That also help you catch all the wanted likes and views early (some of the new “currency” of our time), before they go to the competitors.

"Dresses being shot in the perfect backlight, cars being parked with exquisite precision on roads in the most epic bends, fantastic pastries are arranged as parts of still-life arrangements that could easily be mistaken for the latest ad campaign for the most well known department store."

And that is exactly what all this is about. Small advertising campaigns, small nuggets of what the Instagrammer’s and YouTuber’s own brand stands for. Retouched and polished to perfection, or untouched, straight out of the camera, no filter applied. The upload is in itself part of something bigger, and as such inspire, create engagement, drive traffic and generates conversion. In short – to build the brand, create relations and in the longer term reliable and sustainable business.

There is a pattern that the successful inspirers follow to get you hooked and stay loyal.

They often:

  1. Create interest by using inspiration (let the heart convince the brain)
  2. Apply the magic of curiosity (using the tools and channels available in modern media)
  3. Being generous with the content, cross touch points (generate impact)
  4. Synchronise the content with the expectations (what the brand stands for)
  5. Create communication that are consistent and builds trust
  6. Repeats 1-5s to continue to inspire and motivate, not to disturb and irritate.

The content should follow the directives youve put up for your brand, both regarding strategy and communication. If you have a good brand platform for this, you can rely on a “room”, that you can decorate and furnish the way you need for each campaign and message. That way you wont be forced to rebuild the “room” from the ground every time, since youve based it on your brand platform and blueprints.

A correct “room” for your brand will help make all your communication across all touch points (online, print, TV etc.) speak the same language, with the right accents (brand, image, sale, information, etc.). Your target groups get to know you and will react, remember and respond to your message, in any context. With inspiration, engagement and curiosity – all important drivers to lower the bar to dare to react, take the plunge and shop for your offer.

Things that help you to be successful:

  • Analyse the situation as accurate as you can. Use the history as well as the future. Statistics meets new goals. Dare to dream a bit to move the goals further.
  • Be open for creative dialogues. In this process you will find the spirit, the soul and the direction for your content, the right tone of voice for your brand. Most important, it will fit into your business idea and your mission.
  • Calibrate your expectations before getting started and then enjoy a fantastic journey from being a brand that your target groups like, to a brand that they love – and as you know, it is always more fun to be loved than only liked!

Contact us if you need some inspiration. We would love to talk about how you could bring your brand communication from being OK to be fantastic.

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Per-Henrik Persson
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