What I use my smartwatch for

By Anders Björklund

What I use my smartwatch for

A couple of days ago I had a cup of java with a friend, and he asked me what I use my Apple Watch for? My friend was surprised that I use it as much as I do.

My friend had not found the use cases that improved effortless simplicity in his life. The conversation ended with him saying “Can you send me a message with the stuff you just said”, and this is that message! 

My main usage of my Apple Watch is, I:

  • check text messages and answer using voice commands,
  • use Bring’s app to create the grocery shopping list,
  • view notifications,
  • follow the heart rate and my activity,
  • read news flashes and alerts,
  • check and interact on Instagram,
  • use the maps with the haptic signals for directions when walking in new cities or to new locations,
  • reply to calls with text messages when in meetings,
  • call people with support from Siri,
  • check my calendar,
  • use the alarm bell of the watch.

While smartwatches are still in the early phase of market maturity, according to research from Strategy Analytics, they now outsell traditional Swiss watches. 

Have you started to use a smartwatch yet?

If you have, what do you use your smartwatch for?

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